Pure, Raw, & Unfiltered Honey Products!

         Vintage Bee specializes in honey products that are pure, raw, & unfiltered.  Our honey is of the highest quality, harvested from bee farms in United States (southeast), & taste unmatched to others!  What makes us unique from other honey companies is the focus on quality, transparency, & innovation.  Vintage Bee is a wholesale focused company that is sold in stores across the United States.  Located in Durham, North Carolina.  Within the Vintage Bee product line is our Traditional Liquid Garden Honey that comes in a glass bear.  In addition, we have 12 Creamed Honey flavors with 6 of the flavors available as portable Vintage Minis.  

Creamed Honey Products

         Vintage Bee's creamed honey was created by the Tapp's (Founders), who were having a problem with their kids disliking traditional honey.  So they decided to add some flavors that their kids liked, such as cinnamon into a batch of honey… & the end result was revolutionary!  The Tapp's found a way to provide their children with a healthy & delicious super food that is honey.

         Our creamed honey is unlike any other in the market, as we use the same liquid honey that’s in our traditional bears!  At Vintage Bee we apply a specialized natural process to ensure that all of our honey is maintained in its pure, raw, & unfiltered state.  Through slowly spinning our honey we can reach the “height of creaminess”, & at that point we’re able to use specific ingredients to make the flavor (which alters the honey’s color).  At Vintage Bee we combine innovation & passion to create delicious honey products that have added value, by including real fruits & spices to match the jar’s flavor.  

The Tapp Family

Our Family

         The Tapp family has owned bee hives for over five generations... so you could say they know their honey!  In the 1990’s, the Tapp’s honey had such a strong following that they began commercial sales as the Busy Bee Apiaries.  Later in 2012, Busy Bee Apiaries was incorporated by the Tapp family as Vintage Bee Inc. to expand and sell nationally.  Today Vintage Bee honey is sold worldwide, and is becoming the honey to have on your table.  Here at Vintage Bee we are focused on each customer equally, whether big or small, and want to bring you into our family.

Honey Information

         Honey has many unmatched health benefits, works great with countless recipes as a secret ingredient, & takes several years to decline in taste.  So find out the flavors that are your favorite today!  

         Health benefits of honey include; natural sweetener, energy food, skin care moisturizer, & throat soother!  Honey has been upcoming in today’s society and considered a healthy delicacy with amazing benefits.  Vintage Bee offers a variety of honey products that have unique flavors, and can be found online or in stores across the USA.  From our portable minis, to our 12 creamed honey flavors, you can be guaranteed there is more innovation to come! Check out www.honey.com/faq/c/honey-properties for frequently asked questions about honey!