We have been asked, what makes your honey so special? How to explain the intricacy of honey to the layperson. Like fine wine or fresh coffee, honey has flavors that can overwhelm the senses.
Vintage Bee specializes in Raw Honey products. What makes us different is our focus on quality over quantity. Our specialized and natural process with all of our honey insures that all of our honey is maintained in its raw and unadulterated state. With high quality honey from the southeast United States, you can taste the difference in quality over the typical "squeeze bear" honey you would find in grocery stores. Robust, pure, intricate flavors sweeten whatever you use Vintage Bee honey on.

Raw Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey is a finished honey. It is how honey is suppose to be enjoyed. With liquid honey, crystallization is inevitable. Sugary honey that has a texture leaving more to be desired. Creamed honey does away with this cycle of heating and crystallizing by "creaming" the honey. Also called frosted or whipped honey, Creamed honey gives a smooth texture to the palate and does not change texture over years.
With All natural honey such as organic raspberry, natural chocolate, or spicy cinnamon there is a honey for all to enjoy. Even if the honey flavor is not something you enjoy, the addition of the natural fruits and spices makes even the honey hater fall in love.

Raw Vintage Minis

The joys of creamed honey with the convenience of a packet. Try our delicious Vintage Minis. A generous serving of creamed honey in each Mini ensures that no matter where you go you won't be without the sweet nectar of old. 

Raw Honey Bears

Vintage Bee Honey Bears are the adorable bear filled with amber gold. Completely glass bears keep harmful contaminants out and allow warming. You'll be hard pressed to find a bear like this anywhere else in the world.